Klaus Bucka-Lassen
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Klaus is an agile consultant with 20+ years experience with helping organizations small and large streamline their agile processes.

After finishing his master’s degree in computer science in 1996, Klaus worked as developer, architect, project manager, entrepreneur, trainer, and coach for companies in all over Europe, North America, and even Australia.

Ever since he learned about rapid prototyping back in 1991, he has been a strong advocate for iterative processes that deliver fast and early feedback.

His real passion is Scrum. He is a Fellow Scrum Trainer by Scrum Inc. and as such has been co-training with Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum, more than 20 times.

Klaus has helped major companies from the banking, pharma, telecommunication, IT, and manufacturing sectors in becoming more agile. He is known and respected for being an honest and direct communicator and has an in-depth understanding of what drives people at all levels of an organization.

When speaking with Klaus be prepared to get a lot of "Why's" — Klaus is convinced that this is one of the most powerful words and that we too seldom ask ourselves this exact question - WHY?

When not spending time on the job or with his family, Klaus flies planes, rides motorcycles, goes skiing, plays golf and does adventurous trips around the globe. His formula 3 license, unfortunately, expired a long time ago.

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2022