Tuesday Oct 4
13:50 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

How We Will Look Back on NFTs – Pyramid Scheme or World Changing Tech?


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Turn back the clock to 1997. Be honest: Did you foresee how the Internet would change the world? Few did, if any.

Since then, we’ve lived through the disillusionment of Web 1.0’s read-only and marveled at the wonders of Web 2.0’s read-write (selling our souls to a handful of tech giants in the process). Now we’re standing on the threshold of Web 3.0’s read-write-own, in large part embodied by the (in)famous NFTs.

So let’s spin up the DeLorean and visit the future promised lands of Web 3.0. What are some of the most promising use cases of NFTs?

We will also spend a little time discussing the pitfalls, but this is mainly an inspirational talk for anyone curious about potentially world changing tech.