Monday Oct 3
16:10 –
Cinema 2 (First floor)

Panel Discussion with Challenges From the Audience

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In this last session of the day, most of the speakers from the agile track and Klaus Bucka-Lassen, your track host, get together to be interrogated by the audience. As a participant, you will get the opportunity to challenge us on anything related to agility. The more provocative, the better.

As an experiment, we will open up the possibility to ask questions even before this panel discussion starts. These questions can be posted directly in the GOTO App. The more time we get to think about these, the better the answers will be.

Of course, there will still be lots of interaction with the audience during the panel discussion.

Come heckle us ... and Agile!

While we're discussing, Mikkel from Comic Agilè will perpetuate the final event in the form of a drawing.

Be prepared to be surprised!