Monday Oct 3
13:50 –
Cinema 2 (First floor)

We Need Guns, Lots of Guns - There Is No Silver Bullet


The software industry is notoriously seeking silver bullets. Models, concepts or frameworks that miraculously can fix whatever is broken; Lean, Agile, Scrum, SAFe®, DevOps. This talk is a time travel back to recap Fred Brooks "Mythical Man-month" and his prophecy that there are "No Silver bullets".

"Software is eating the world" - but what if DevOps is already gulped and agile is already swallowed - by software? The Zoomers now entering the labour market don't get the Ops in DevOps, to them, it's all code - NoCode/LowCode even. The world has become Serverless. They are happily unaware of both Scrum and the agile manifesto. What are we - the Boomer/Gen X cohorts that ruled Agile and DevOps for a couple of decades - passing on to them? What does the future hold for them? What will be their claim to fame - in software?

The talk is a quest for perspective.