Monday Oct 3
12:00 –
Cinema 1 (First floor)

Rethinking Connectivity


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Modern distributed systems require multi-cloud, multi-geo, and edge capabilities and presence. Technologies we have long relied upon are starting to come up short. We believe we have transitioned from a data economy to a connective economy, where how things connect, communicate and collaborate will drive the next waves of massive innovation. We propose a new set of connectivity 3.0 pillars, ones like location independence, perimeterless security models, zero trust, M:N communications, Intelligent persistence, and extensible, multiple operator systems. We will also discuss how these are applicable even to systems today.

In this talk, we will also explore the connective technology and describe how it can be used to deliver modern distributed systems with microservices, streaming, intelligent persistent, and security. All across any cloud, operator, geo or any edge system.

We will also describe how we ourselves have deployed this with Synadia's global network NGS, and how easy it is to extend this network with your own NATS servers and clusters.