Monday Oct 3
10:50 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

Bare-Metal Chronicles: Intertwinement of Tinkerbell, Cluster API and GitOps

This talk will outline how cloud native tools, such as Tinkerbell and Cluster API unlock a robust deployment of bare-metal infrastructure. Attendees will acquire an understanding of why the usage of ClusterAPI and provisioning automation with GitOps tools, such as ArgoCD, is a powerful concept that leads an organization towards the discovery of a modernized provisioning model.

Within its 8 years of existence, Kubernetes has been the gravitational center of the Cloud Native, elevating a pluggable system that diversified the entire ecosystem. Multiple areas emerged in the industry, galvanizing solutions for components such as network, runtime, storage, and cluster provisioning. The maturity of the cloud native landscape is led by the wider adoption of enterprise and large organizations. However, for these companies deployment and handling of bare-metal infrastructure has always been essential. A pivotal tool to manage cross-provider infrastructure has been Cluster API, leading a unique and radical stance for Kubernetes distribution. In association with a model such as GitOps, Cluster API assembles a mechanism that leverages the concept of a "cluster as a resource.

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