GOTO Copenhagen 2021

Friday Nov 12
09:00 –
Nine A/S (Kongens Nytorv 18, 1050 CPH)

Designing for the Experience-Centric Organization. Designing experience journeys to win through customer experience

When the Wall Street Journal states that “Customer Experience Is the Key Competitive Differentiator in the Digital Age” it describes a transition that has been occurring in business during the past few years - The transition to customer- and experience-centricity.

New solutions become desirable in a busy marketplace through the experience that their customers receive, and this has wide ranging consequences for business strategy, tactics and development.

Simon will, during this masterclass, teach one of the key steps towards developing desirable solutions - the experiential journey. The workshop will teach core competences for competing through experience, and give you a platform for starting your journey on your way to competing through experience.

Who should attend this masterclass: The class is for both beginner and intermediate level personnel, and requires no previous skills. Curiosity and the willingness to work together to develop great and desirable customer-centric solutions is all that is needed.

What is the take away of this masterclass: Attendees will get an understanding of how an organisation can transform to become customer- and experience-centric. You will learn one of the first steps on the journey towards becoming a customer-centric organisation - the experiential journey. The experiential journey is a key platform for the maturity ladder that allows you to compete through experience. This masterclass will give you knowledge and tools to be able to both use and develop this further within your organisation.