ONLINE: GraphQL - Beyond the basics
GOTO Copenhagen 2021

ONLINE: GraphQL - Beyond the basics

Thursday Nov 11
09:00 –
2,800.00 DKK

So you got GraphQL working and enjoying querying your data graph. That’s great, but the real power of GraphQL comes when you use it at scale. Then you can leverage many tools and characteristics that could effect your applications in a profound way. In this workshop I would show you powerful tools and many use cases in production in which we leveraged those tools.

I will touch on:

  • Efficient team workflow - How to work together on a shared graph
  • Dealing efficiently with backend sources we don’t control
  • Keeping complete Type-safety on the backend and frontend
  • Using GraphQL to query legacy sources (REST, gRPC, SOAP, etc)
  • New versioning paradigm in GraphQL - supporting multiple frontend apps
  • Finding your GraphQL performance bottlenecks easily
  • Monitoring your GraphQL server using your existing infrastructure

Target audience: Developers who have already basic skills in GraphQL and system architects