Casey Rosenthal
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2019

CEO and co-founder of Verica

  • Formerly the engineering manager of the Chaos Engineering team at Netflix
  • Executive manager and senior architect
  • Co-author of Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice 1st Edition

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2019

As an executive manager and senior architect, Casey has managed teams to tackle big data, architect solutions to difficult problems and train others to do the same. Previously an engineering manager for the Traffic Engineering Team and the Chaos Engineering Team at Netflix.

He finds opportunities to leverage his experience with distributed systems, artificial intelligence, translating novel algorithms and academia into working models, and selling a vision of the possible to clients and colleagues alike. His superpower is transforming misaligned teams into high performance teams, and his personal mission is to help people see that something different, something better, is possible.

For fun, Casey models human behavior using personality profiles in Ruby, Erlang, Elixir, Prolog, Scala, and other languages. He speaks frequently on the topics of Chaos Engineering and Complexity.