Monday Nov 19
10:20 –
Aud 10

Kafka at the heart of a large corporation

Learn how Nordea have challenged their death star architecture in moving to Kafka.

While Kafka has been more widely adopted in IT company’s perhaps less so for critical applications. Kafka offer unique pub/sub pattern that simplifies application integration, the modern fault tolerant architecture ensures high availability.

In Nordea Markets the investigation and adoption of Kafka started 3 years ago, aiming at replacing a home-grown integration application which is full of point to point integration with format conversion and business logic which is not maintainable.

Learn what Nordea did to offer Kafka as a compliant low touch/no touch internal service suitable for an enterprise with a very large and diverse IT landscape.

The challenges Nordea faced and solved:

Never lose a message

Very large messages on Kafka

Dealing with legacy

Security and compliance

Data discovery and governance

Low touch self service

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