Tuesday Nov 20
11:30 –
Location: Aud 10

CD in the Modern Era


Infrastructure automation has gone through some big shifts lately, and containers and container schedulers are at the center of this transformation. Cloud and cloud native architectures are starting to provide highly scalable and programmable runtime environments. The architectures of systems built to harness the power of this dynamic infrastructure are changing as well.

CD plays an instrumental role in getting it all together. Regardless of your target environment, you need a continuous delivery process to get your applications into the hands of users. This talk focuses on what CD practices are in this modern era.

Has much changed in the world of CD or is it just a case of a difference in implementation? Come and find out in this talk by the Head Of Technology of ThoughtWorks Products, where we build the class-leading open source CD product, GoCD.

continuous deployment
ci cd
Sheroy Marker
Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks
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