Tuesday Nov 20
10:20 –
Aud 10

What SAFe doesn’t tell you


In the fall of 2015 the CTO of SimCorp took a leap of faith and decided that the development organization of 500+ people would ‘go agile’ and that SAFe was the chosen vehicle to facilitate the change.

Many organizations have chosen SAFe as the vehicle to drive their enterprise wide transformation, and whilst SAFe is a broad opinionated framework that gives answers for much of what you will run into, there is also a lot it does not say or does not have an opinion on.

This presentation gives a glimpse into what we have learned from being 2 years into an organizational change using SAFe, where SAFe helped and where it hindered, what we have adapted and what we have kept, and what we have felt it necessary to add to help us keep moving towards our goal. We will share with you the joy & pain of doing this, of what worked and what didn’t, and what we are still trying

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