Wednesday Nov 21
10:20 –
Aud 12

Kubernetes-ize your Java Application

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Deploying your Java application in a Kubernetes cluster could feel like Alice in Wonderland. You keep going down the rabbit hole and don’t know how to make that ride comfortable. This no-slide and code-only session will explain how a Java application consisting of different microservices can be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.

Specifically, it will explain the following:

  • Show a Java application with three microservices
  • How this application is packaged as a Docker image
  • Create Kubernetes manifests
  • How Helm charts are created and hosted in a Helm repository
  • Test in a local environment such as minikube
  • Attach debugger (may need to find out if tooling exists in this area)
  • Install Istio in k8s, show service visibility
  • Install k8s on AWS
  • Migrate application from a local cluster to a cluster on the Cloud
  • Setup deployment pipeline using CodePipeline
  • Use an Alexa skill to scale the application
  • Change application, show A/B using Istio
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