Wednesday Nov 21
09:00 –
Aud 15

Bold, New Tech Strategies for Business

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Just to survive, every business needs to quickly adopt and adapt to changing technology. But to leapfrog over the competition, businesses need to use new technology as a source of innovation. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, is an authority on tech innovation and how businesses can harness it for competitive advantage. In this speech, the tech futurist and guru offers insight into business strategies to innovate the way companies invest, connect with consumers better and faster, manage global projects, and use big data to make bold decisions. Sir Tim helps businesses think through how existing tech strategy will change as the next 3 billion users come on line, and the resulting changes in social media and market connectedness. Just as he did when he created the Web from a blank canvas, Sir Tim discusses the importance of innovation and creativity in a digital world. He also outlines how to embrace the Internet of Things and AI, corporate responsibility for cybersecurity, the role of the effective CTO, and the Board of Directors' responsibilities to minimize risk while maximizing digital strategic opportunity and opens up thinking with his visionary ideas on the potential markets of the future of tech.

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