Kenneth Harris II
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2021

Acknowledged by Forbes Magazine as one of '30 Under 30 Science' honoroees, Kenneth Harris is known for delivering thoughtful and dynamic leadership on programs of critical national and international importance.

Since the age of 16, he's been involved in projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, totaling five satellites. In this talk, he'll tell you how he got to the point of flinging complex metal objects into the dark sky.

Kenneth’s honors and awards extend beyond his professional service to recognition of his tremendous leadership in the STEM field and international community.

A proud son of an engineer Mr. Harris champions the importance of early STEM exposure and engagement. Reflected in his TEDx Talk presented to students globally, concerning the power of mentorship and guidance.

"As engineers and scientists it is my belief that we have the responsibility to make ourselves open to the unexpected. Allowing our curiosity to fuel thoughtful questions and impactful research, that will enable the next generation of explorers to go even further than us." -Kenneth Harris II, 2020

Join him at GOTO Copenhagen for a powerful presentation that will leave you anxious to not only advance your career but to look for the next great explorer you can influence.

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2021

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