Anita Sengupta
University of Southern CA
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2018

Dr. Anita has developed technologies that have enabled the exploration of Mars, asteroids, and deep space for over 20 years!

She is a rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, pilot, and a space veteran. Anita has been a Senior Engineer at NASA for 16 years. She worked there on different projects like the Venus entry system phase lead, a discovery mission of acquiring Mars samples, Mars Orbiter Mission, lander concepts and much more... Along with her PhD research, she was also the lead systems engineer of the team that developed the parachute system that was deployed during the landing of Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity.

Her most recent entrepreneurial venture is as CEO of Hydroplane Ltd. which she founded in 2020. Hydroplane Ltd. is developing hydrogen fuel cell power plant technology for carbon emission free aviation and mobile energy transport.

Check out some of Anita’s past talks:

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2018