Continuous Innovation & Change with PopcornFlow
GOTO Copenhagen 2018

Continuous Innovation & Change with PopcornFlow

Thursday Nov 22
09:00 –
Room 7
2,497.50 DKK

PopcornFlow brings a pragmatic philosophy, principles, actionable techniques and tools to introduce rapid change in your organization and innovate like some of the best and most aggressive Lean startups around. In this is fun, practical, action-learning workshop, you’ll co-design small, safe-to-fail change experiments to address problems you face right now. You'll experience how continuous innovation & change can help you win your own war against personal and organizational inertia — starting on Monday morning.

And, by the way, when you have the opportunity, it's always better to experiment "with" people than "on" people. If change so damn hard in your organization, do all you can to bring your team and/or boss too! You'll thank Claudio later :-)