Eoin Woods
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Active in the industry as a security specialist, popular conference speaker, published author and software architecture award winner. Eoin has been working to develop databases, created security softwares and designed many systems in the world.

At present, he is the Chief Engineer for Endava in London, where he guides technical delivery, to ensure that the right people, tools, technologies, and processes are in place. He recently blogged about his idea of so called 'green' software, that is a software which minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions that it creates. He is rightly called as a ‘security genius’, not just for protecting technology, but also for the world!

Eoin is passionate about software architecture, software security and DevOps.

Topic focus: Agile, DevOps

A few of Eoin’s books:

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