GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Lessons From Billions of Breached Records

Wednesday Oct 5
09:30 –





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Rating Comments:

Simple, engaging and very informative session. Thanks Troy.
Really would prefer in person talks though, when travelling myself to get to the conference location
Very awesome talk
Nice, funny and examples where from experience
Great talk, with excellent examples!
best yet
Had heard most of it before, but Troy’s still an awesome speaker.
Good experience gained
Very very basic. Not a lot of new insights
great speaker. but a shame that yet another talk was a remote, online talk instead of in person. the content of the talk was a bit vague and did not dive into the topic but just touches some examples
Awesome speaker
great speaker, but... remote?!
very information about the broad subject of data leaks
Really nice talk. I think the introduction could be trimmed. E.g. I did not need to know about testifying for congress.
Great speaker who knew how to engage the audience without being there in person
Very entertaining!
Concrete talk with lots of real examples. Really interesting!
Fascinating talk. Time was flying. Thank you so much!
One of the best talks, explained in a way that a layman would understood the problem
Great talk
Entertaining, insightful