GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Thursday Oct 6
09:00 –

Kubernetes Native Java with Spring Boot

Kubernetes is a standard for deploying and managing containerized applications. How does Java fit into the cloud native space?

The Spring ecosystem provides you with all you need to build cloud native applications, focusing on productivity, simplicity, and speed. It’s ready to leverage cloud environment features and integrates with Kubernetes natively.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • principles, patterns, and practices for building cloud native applications;
  • reacting programming with Spring Boot, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Data R2DBC for more scalable, resilient, and cost-efficient Java applications;
  • externalized configuration for Java applications using ConfigMaps and Secrets;
  • making Java applications observable with Spring Boot Actuator, Micrometer, and OpenTelemetry;
  • working with native Java applications to achieve almost instant startup time and reduced memory footprint using GraalVM;
  • packaging Java applications for production as container images using Cloud Native Buildpacks;
  • developer experience for managing and running Java applications on Kubernetes.

Prerequisites: familiarity with Java and core Spring.

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