Casper Wilstrup
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2021

Casper will introduce a new standard of interpretability to artificial intelligence.

He is passionate about the way AI, advanced data analysis and adaptive/responsive systems are poised to revolutionize the world at a scale not seen since the industrial revolution.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with 20 years' experience in building large-scale systems for data processing, analysis and artificial intelligence. His unique combination of hands-on engineering skills and many years of leadership experience has enabled him to establish the technological framework and team for one of the most promising deep-tech companies in Europe: Abzu. Abzu is taking on the most common shortcoming shared by current AI technology: transparency and explainability.

At GOTO Copenhagen, Casper will be using Abzu’s Python library Feyn® in a Jupyter notebook to explore a synthesized dataset with real-world application.

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2021

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