GOTO Copenhagen 2021

Thursday Nov 11
09:00 –

From Stories to Code: Building Software that People Want

User-story focused design and construction is the best way to create systems that are laser focused on providing a steady stream value to our customers. The notion of a user story is poorly understood, however. Story is not a code word for some random bit of work. It is not something that follows that As-a...I-need template. It is not a Jira ticket. Given that they constantly change as we learn, managing them is also a challenge, not done well by most organization. In this seminar, you'll learn:

  • what stories really are (hint, the are not tasks)
  • the three C's: Collaboration, Communication, Cards
  • how to gather, refine, and manage stories: story maps, backlog management, estimation
  • how to narrow scope or "split" stories (make them smaller) while retaining value.
  • how to make stories small enough to implement incrementally in one-or-two day chunks
  • how to design APIs and interfaces around your stories using Design by Coding
  • how turn those stories into code using BDD and TDD

In all, you'll learn to build and manage effective user stories that amplify your ability to quickly deliver capabilities your customer/users find most valuable. Doing that is the core of agility, and makes for both much happier customers and an improved bottom line. This class has a technical component towards the end, but is quite valuable for both Product Managers/Owners and Developers.

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