Wednesday Nov 20
14:30 –
Location: Aud 11

Why Vue.js is Taking Over the Front-end World

Vue.js is the fastest growing JavaScript framework of all time. Now I know what you are thinking: 'Another JavaScript framework!'

Well, this one is different. Vue.js is built on the ideas of simplicity and ease of use.

This talk will be a comprehensive overview of how applications are build in Vue.js - including package management, directives, components. I will also touch on why it's so popular and the future of the framework.

What will the audience learn from this talk? The audience will learn about Vue fundamentals and what sets it apart from other JavaScript frameworks. They will also see examples of how it is used to build web applications.

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding? Yes, there will be code samples - potentially live coding as well.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: 100 - Vue.js 200 - Front-end web development

live coding
Gwendolyn Faraday
Python and JavaScript Enthusiast
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