Peter Søndergaard
3Shape A/S
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2018

Peter Søndergaard is team lead for the Orthodontics Technology Team at 3Shape A/S. The team specializes in research and development of machine learning solutions to orthodontic problems, maturing new ideas into medically validated, production quality code. He has 5 years of experience from the Danish health care industry (Oticon A/S and 3Shape A/S) in creating medically validated software. Peter has been with 3Shape since 2017, where he has established the team.

Peter has a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in mathematics. He has worked 5 years at DTU and Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna, Austria) investigating fundamental problems in the mathematical modelling of human hearing and publishing the results as papers and open source software.

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2018